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Yesterday, on the occasion of KGF star Yash's birthday, one of his hard core fans tried committing suicide by setting himself on fire. The fan by the name Ravi, who couldn't meet the actor set himself on fire right in front of Yash's residence. He was shifted to Victoria hospital in Bengaluru immediately. However, after suffering severe burns, Ravi passed away today, Yash had been to the hospital yesterday to meet Ravi. According to Chitraloka's reports, he passed away around 1:30 am today.

Yashs Fan Who Set Himself On Fire Passes Away

Yash, while interacting with the media said that he's extremely upset with what Ravi did. He also told that he came to see him only because it happened for the first time, and henceforth he wouldn't come to see any fan who would resort to such brutal ways to meet him.

The KGF actor even apologised to Ravi's parents for what their son has done. But, they said it is not Yash's fault. He called Ravi's parents kind-hearted and requested his fans to not repeat such an act that can cause so much damage to themselves and the family as well.

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Yash, who celebrates his birthday every year with fans, decided not to do so this year as he is still mourning the loss of Ambarish. He shared a video with fans on Facebook addressing the same. However, Yash's birthday turned into a nightmare when one of his fans committed suicide.